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A Universal, New Thought (Unity - Religious Science - Innerfaith), Non-exclusionary Worship  

Welcome to our universal, non-denominational, non-exclusionary worship site. We are both an Interdenominational and Innerfaith. Our worship is focused on Love and Respect for all living beings and non-living things. We recognize Universal Intelligence, the Interconnectivity of all life forms and the Universal Laws of Love and Oneness. We believe God flows about, in and through each of us and that we are each responsible for our own spiritual growth. 

A Gathering Place for Spiritual Sharing and Healing

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Join our One Spirit Ministries, aka God's Church; Contact Us  or  submit a Prayer Request or any Special requests you would like to make. Namaste!  In Love and Truth, Rev. Holly A. Heinz  

Sunday Services: 10-11 AM, Mount Pocono, PA.  Come Join Us. 

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Meditation Service - Join in our Sunday evening Group Meditation on the Laws and Principles of the Universe as a service to Humanity and all Living Things. Participate in our healing circle. Channel light and pray to heal
ourselves, loved ones, family, community, the nation, other nations, planet and universe. Let us practice the Law of Right Human Relations and the Principle of Goodwill. Use your good will to promote Goodness, Love, and Healing. Come join
us. Let the power of a group meditation and prayer raise our and the planet's vibrations. HEAL ALL. Everyone, meditate at the same time: Sunday, 6-7 PM EST.  How to Meditate

 Donations - Please send love donations to support our effort towards love and enlightenment.

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Created 6-4-95 by One Spirit Ministries aka God's Church , Rev. H. Heinz Copyright , All Rights Reserved, December 26, 1995 by God's Church.  Last updated  06/15/2006.  We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) church.  We are also affiliated with the World Federation of Practical Christianity (aka World Federation of Independent Unity Churches), Association of Inner and Interfaith Ministries, and friends with Association of Unity Churches, and other New Thought and Religious Science Churches, and other Metaphysics Ministries.