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About One Spirit Ministries

Our purpose is twofold:

  • to raise spiritual consciousness through spiritual knowledge put into practice and

  • to break down barriers that separate people.

Spiritual knowledge and holistic living are our primary tools. We provide information and resources on a variety of metaphysics, new age and new thought topics, including world religions (from Wicca to Hinduism to Native American). We provide spiritual worship services, including weddings. We offer study programs and a ministerial seminary. Our Mystic Masters provides spiritual tools and rituals along with a discussion forum, Chatroom. Our Bookstore offers books, tapes, videos, meditation tools, affirmation cards, memberships, and church affiliation. We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

What:  General Information (One Spirit Ministries)

  • One Spirit Ministries (aka God's Church) is an independent New Thought church, also affiliated with the World Federation of Practical Christianity Churches,  Emerson Divinity Institute, and friends with Innerfaith Ministries, Science of Mind, Church of Religious Science,  Religious Science International,  Association of Unity Churches,  Universal Unitarian Association, Association of Interfaith Ministers, and other Metaphysics and New Thought Ministries. 

  • Membership Brochure

  • Affiliation Agreement

  • What is New Thought

  • Unity Brochure and RS Brochure

How: One Spirit Ministries Applications

Why: Membership Benefits

  • Access to Emerson Theology Institute Courses (Individuals and Ministers)
  • One Spirit Ministries Metaphysics & Ministerial Study Programs (All)
  • Minister's Photo ID (Ministers)
  • Membership Listing  (All)
  • Monthly Newsletter (All)
  • Church and Minister's Tool Box and Resources (Ministers, Churches)
  • Job Referrals  (Ministers)
  • Wedding Referrals (Ministers)
  • Instructions on Incorporating Independent Church (Ministers & Churches)
  • Instructions on Obtaining IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status or Use Ours (affiliated churches/study groups)
  • Church Record Keeping Templates (MS Excel or QuickBooks) (affiliated churches/study groups))
  • Workshop & Seminar Discounts  (All)
  • Tax Deductible Annual Conferences (Palm Springs, California) (All)
  • Bookstore Discounts/Rebates (All)

Created 6-4-95 by One Spirit Ministries aka God's Church , Rev. H. Heinz Copyright , All Rights Reserved, December 26, 1995 by God's Church.  Last updated  06/15/2006.  We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) church.  We are also affiliated with the World Federation of Practical Christianity (aka World Federation of Independent Unity Churches), Association of Inner and Interfaith Ministries, and friends with Association of Unity Churches, and other New Thought and Religious Science Churches, and other Metaphysics Ministries.