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Welcome to our special place for Sharing, Healing, and Exploring (SHE) and the Science of Unified Life (SOUL), as we are all ONE. This is a New Thought, New Age web site created by our Mystic Masters, sponsored by One Spirit Ministries, a church without walls, nestled under Mother Earth's Pines, caressed by the Four Directions, and kissed by the light of Grandmother Moon. We are open to and celebrate all spiritual paths, committed to the integrity of each person's spiritual journey.  We appreciate the differences while focusing on the similarities amongst the paths and ourselves. Our purpose is to raise spiritual consciousness through spiritual knowledge put into practice and to break down barriers that separate people. Though there are many paths up the summit, there is but One Spirit. Come join us in our earth sojourn and let your spirit heal and grow with us as we free ourselves from the bonds of ignorance and suffering.  In Love, Light and Truth -  Rev. Dr. Holly A. Heinz   




About Us: We applaud and appreciate the diversity amongst all people, while focusing on the similarities. In Truth, we are all part of the same Whole.  Each one of us is an individual expression of God, totally unique and wonderful. We practice the Law of Good and Right Action and practice Unconditional Love. 

One World, One People, One Spirit



Animal Ministry  Are you an animal lover?  Discover how animals are natural healers and givers, filled with abundant love and loyalty.  They only ask to be respected and loved in return. 

Holistic Living







Obliterate ignorance, wrong thinking, and faulty beliefs with spiritual knowledge, raised consciousness, right action, and faith/conviction. Believe in your Divine Source and All is possible!  Raise your consciousness through spiritual knowledge; explore Metaphysics, Mysticism, and World Religions.  Apply the tenets of Holistic Living, reversing the effects of stress, dis-ease, and unhealthy thinking.   Follow our 10-Step Program and develop a skill set that keeps you healthy at all levels of your being, spiritually, emotionally/mentally, and physically; address key issues, from weight-loss to stop-smoking. Change your reality through positive affirmations and  prayer (healing mind treatments).  Learn about aromatherapy, holistic diets, weight loss, anti-aging, healthy relationships, prosperity and abundance.  Use yoga, aerobics, meditation, and breathing techniques to enhance your life quality and promote stress-free, dis-ease free living.

Keys to Spiritual Growth

The keys to spiritual growth, to raising our consciousness, are Spiritual Knowledge and Spiritual Tools put into practice. You have to put the keys into the Door of Enlightenment to open it, otherwise the keys are useless bits of information. This site is dedicated to the enlightenment of all living beings.  Namaste!

Change your thinking, change your life.  We create our reality with our thoughts and we can change those thoughts.  Be Empowered! Learn more about New Thought:








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Created 6-4-95 by One Spirit Ministries aka God's Church , Rev. H. Heinz Copyright , All Rights Reserved, December 26, 1995 by God's Church.  Last updated  06/15/2006.  We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) church.  We are also affiliated with the World Federation of Practical Christianity (aka World Federation of Independent Unity Churches), Association of Inner and Interfaith Ministries, and friends with Association of Unity Churches, and other New Thought and Religious Science Churches, and other Metaphysics Ministries.